Social Media Marketing

Grow you brand awareness and spread the word about your products and mission. We can manage all social media tasks by creating content, posting your company information and engaging your potential clients.

In todays “virtual gathering places” of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp and LinkedIn, marketing has become a race to get rated, recommended, and “liked.”

Professional Social Media Marketing is one of our key strengths. We specialize in creating a social media presence for our clients that engage potential customers for you. Social Media done professionally, can be a tremendous tool in your marketing arsenal.

Why is social media marketing critical?

Social Media has driven marketing in a totally new direction in the past five years or so. Many use social media for personal reasons but more and more businesses are quickly find out how useful it can be. If you are not effectively using social media than you are behind the times and your competitors.

1. Social media marketing drives traffic to YOU

If you have a business you likely have a website. How do you fully realize your websites potential? An effective social media marketing strategy will drive potential clients to your website and your product or services.

2. Social media marketing gives you an advantage over your competitors

Social media channels used properly will enhance your business’ trustworthiness. By using social media to deliver relative information to your current and future clients you will be viewed as an authority in your field and a trusted source of information.

3. Social media marketing will increase sales

Interesting stat…70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired clients through Facebook. Social media when properly used will drive targeted traffic to your website and result in more clients and more sales. By effectively using social media to inform the world at large about your product or services you will exponentially increase your ability to lock in more clients.

4. Social media is being used by your competitors

Are you aware that 91% of brands are using social media? You do not want to fall behind your competitors in this arena. If your competitor is taking fully advantage of social media and you are not than you are missing out on an entire ocean of potential clientele.

5. Social Media can improve your customer service

With so many people utilizing social media today it has become a go to source of communication. If you have a solid presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter you are now accessible to your clients….24/7. Not only that but potential clients can pose questions to you about your products and services as well. Social media provides opportunities for your business to interact with existing and potential clients like never before.